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Xmas PC offers start to roll out before Black Friday

When it comes to the Christmas period, we normally associate it with the season to be jolly. For civilians that may be true but, in the hard fought world of system builders, it's more a case of desk the halls with guns and ammo. The shoot out for your Xmas cash has started in earnest.

When nVidia landed the top end Maxwell cards, systems with a GTX970 or 980 we're coming in well above £1,000.

Shortly after, we started to see some deals just under the £999 level.

It seems that today we're seeing the first of the Xmas deals at a much lower price point – led by local system builder MESH at £799.

So what will seven hundred and ninety nine pound coins buy you?

Alongside an Intel Core i7 4790 processor which can turbo to 4GHz, you get a 4GB GTX970 and 8GB of system memory (1866MHz) alongside Windows 8.1 installed in a Cooler Master K350 ATX gaming chassis with a side window.

The only thing missing is an SSD (it ships with a 1TB hard drive as standard), so it would be worth checking out if the upgrade price is sensible.


KitGuru says: While we don't expect the kind of casualties that Americans manage to achieve in shopping malls across the country come Black Friday/Monday, there will be serious deals to be had locally in the next 4 weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.

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