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Microsoft denies that Xbox Live has been hacked

Rumors have been floating around recently suggesting that Microsoft, Sony and other large tech companies had been hacked after an only group claimed to have leaked the usernames and passwords of 1473 Windows Live accounts and 2131 PlayStation Network accounts. However, these rumors have turned out to be false.

The Internet probably should have seen it coming as the supposed group behind the data breach goes by the name ‘DerpTrolling'. Sony has already denied that PSN was hacked, although the company's movie division, Sony Pictures, definitely was hacked and may still be facing issues. Microsoft has also denied that Xbox Live was infiltrated.


In a statement given to Gamespot, a Microsoft spokesperson said: “We immediately investigated reports regarding some Microsoft Accounts including Windows Live and Hotmail and can confirm that no Microsoft site or service was compromised”.

“Microsoft takes account security and privacy seriously. Should we identify any specific account at risk for any reason, we will take action to protect the account. To help keep your information safe, we encourage you to set strong passwords, change passwords regularly and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. For more information on password security, visit our website at www.microsoft.com/security.”

2K Games was also listed as one of the hacked companies but the publisher has yet to respond. The group ‘DerpTrolling' has since has its Twitter account suspended.

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KitGuru Says: The hacking claims seemed  pretty unlikely right from the start but it's still nice to receive confirmation. 

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