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Wasteland 2 is heading to the Nintendo Switch

Wasteland 2 made waves on Kickstarter several years back, bringing back the CRPG genre in a big way as a sequel to the 1980s classic, Wasteland. Since launch, Wasteland 2 has made its way to PC, Xbox One and PS4. Now in August, Nintendo Switch owners will be able to get in on the action.

In many ways, Wasteland 2 is inspired by the original Fallout games, which were also CRPGs. InXile launched Wasteland 2 back in 2014 after raising $2.9 million on Kickstarter. Over a year after its initial release, a ‘Director's Cut' edition launched as a free upgrade for PC owners. The Director's Cut edition is the same one found on consoles, and will be what we see on the Nintendo Switch next month.

Wasteland 2 weighs in at around 80 hours long. The Director's Cut in particular adds loads of extra perks, tweaks character creation and adds 8,000 lines of additional voiced dialogue.

A specific release date has yet to be announced, but Wasteland 2 will be landing on the Switch in August according to Nintendo's press release.

KitGuru Says: Since Wasteland 3 is currently in development, now seems as good a time as any to jump into Wasteland 2. Being able to take such a lengthy story-driven game on the road seems like a big bonus over other versions too. Did any of you play Wasteland 2 at launch? Do you think the game will be a good fit for the Switch?

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