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Elgato launches a more compact Stream Deck Mini

Elgato has revolutionised livestreaming with its Stream Deck, allowing content creators to seamlessly boot programs and transition scenes in a sleek and stylish way. Introducing the Stream Deck Mini, Elgato has trimmed its celebrated controller from 15 LCD buttons to a simplified 6.

The Stream Deck Mini functions much like its bigger brother, allowing users to “switch scenes, launch media, control chat, configure an unlimited number of actions, and more,” all through its six fully customisable LCD keys. Each key offers the ability to customise the displayed image, providing a visual and tactile feedback when pressed.

Using Elgato’s provided software, users can easily drag and drop actions onto keys, from facilitating the navigation between scenes in OBS or XSplit, to pulling up social media sites, to enhancing entertainment with on-screen images and sounds. Outside of content creation, the Stream Deck Mini still acts as a set of fancy macros that can help with shortcuts otherwise inaccessible via a standard keyboard.

“When Stream Deck launched just over a year ago, it gave content creators access to a level of tactile control that was traditionally exclusive to mainstream entertainment broadcasters” said Julian Fest, VP & General Manager of Elgato. “Stream Deck Mini is every inch a Stream Deck. It keeps all the same functionality, in a smaller form factor, and at a more attainable price.”

Elgato’s Stream Deck Mini is already available from selected retailers for £89.95 in the UK, while US stores are placing it at $99.95 excluding tax, significantly cheaper than the Steam Deck's £135/$140 price tag.

KitGuru Says: I’ve been eyeing up the Stream Deck for quite some time, and while I don’t think I would be willing to give up the extra buttons, the Mini certainly does make its unique functionality more accessible. Are you interested in Elgato’s latest toy?

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