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Apple is once again producing the iPhone X to combat poor current-gen sales

Earlier this week, Apple reportedly cut down on the production of its current generation iPhone XS, XS Max and XR amid slow sales. The weaker demand has caused the firm to bring back last year’s iPhone X, which has once again entered production.

With the XS series debatably acting as an iterative upgrade, Apple axed production of the iPhone X before the release of its successor. The iPhone XR released last month as a cheaper LCD model to satisfy the lower end of the market, although it’s believed that most cost-conscious buyers have instead been opting for the iPhone 8.

The Wall Street Journal reports that weaker demand for the three newer smartphones has led to a reversal of the decision, resulting in the impending return of the iPhone X. Samsung is said to have entered into a new deal with Apple to provide an undisclosed amount of OLED panels for the move. While the display isn’t likely to make much of a difference in cost when compared with the current generation of OLED panels, the year-old internals should be cheaper to procure and manufacture.

It seems as though this is an attempt for Apple to claw its way back past its previous $1 trillion market value, a milestone it peaked past in August. Sadly, the company has struggled to maintain its value, with Amazon dangerously close to topping the tech giant.

KitGuru Says: It’s uncertain whether an influx of iPhone X handsets will see the current price fluctuate, but it does ensure that the model won’t disappear from listings any time soon. Do you plan to swap your current smartphone out? What upgrade would you go for?

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