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Fan-made Left 4 Dead 3 trailer is surprisingly convincing

For years now, there have been rumours surrounding a new Left 4 Dead game and various fake leaks have gotten fans hopeful along the way. Sometimes, a fake leak looks so good that it is hard to believe that someone put the effort in, which is the situation we found ourselves in last night when a supposed Left 4 Dead 3 trailer appeared online.

An oddly titled fan-made Left 4 Dead 3 trailer appeared on YouTube last night. It is a very atmospheric and cinematic teaser, leading up to the classic thumbless zombie hand we all know from Left 4 Dead's cover art.

It is a surprisingly well made trailer, but unfortunately Valve has confirmed it is fake. Fans do have at least one thing to look forward to this year though, as Valve has confirmed that it will be releasing a ‘flagship VR game' before the end of the year- although that date could easily slip.

KitGuru Says: There are a lot of people out there that try to rile up the Valve fan base with fake leaks and rumours. However, if you look at this as a fan-made concept trailer, rather than an attempted hoax, then it is much easier to appreciate. 

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