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Google Drive users set to get 5GB of free storage

Google Drive has been in the press a lot in the past few days thanks to a new set of rumours and leaks. A couple of days ago there was a rumour that Google’s cloud storage solution would have 2 GB of storage, with incentives offering more storage, just like what Dropbox currently does. Talk Android has just received word from a anonymous but reliable source that users will be allowed a generous 5 GB of free storage, as seen in the picture below.

Talk Android's screenshot clearly shows 5 GB of free storage, plus room to grow

We first heard about Google’s Dropbox competitor back in early February and thanks to it coming straight from Google it will be integrated with Docs and Picasa, as well as having the ability to store and share files across devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Talk Android reports that Google Drive is set to release during the week of April 16th; within three weeks from today.

Kitguru says: Gmail tells me that there is currently “7695.505702 megabytes (and counting) of free storage.” Perhaps our Google Drive capacity will grow slowly over time.

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