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Multiplay i43 is the biggest UK LAN ever – official

Gaming is hugely popular, even for people who sit at home alone playing Angry Birds on the iPad. But the true thrill of gaming is in a competitive environment, competing for days against like minded individuals. Enter the world of the LAN event. KitGuru prepares to strain neck muscles to look up far enough to see Multiplay’s latest achievement.

While August will probably be most remembered for the world-plus-dog going mad in the street, setting fires and grabbing everything in sight – LAN gaming events provide a complete contrast. Not only are the competitors at Multiplay events some of the friendliest individuals you will ever meet, they are also able to congregate as a clan of 3,000 or more like minded individuals without a petrol bomb in sight. Nice.

So what’s this new record that everyone’s been talking about? Well, it’s for the biggest and best ever LAN event in the UK, i43.

Search Google for i43 and you will get around 4.8 million hits. While some of them link to weirdo sites with special interests in the highway that links up the happy folks of Wisconsin, many relate to the 43rd session of Insomnia – Multiplay’s famous i-series of LAN gaming events.

At the time of writing, around 2,200 tickets have already been sold to competitive gamers attending the 5 day extravaganza. Each ticket has a face value of £92, so you can see just how seriously these fraggers take it. While the social aspect cannot be overstated, there will be a lot of cold/hard currency exchanging hands during the last weekend in August up at the Telford International Centre.

So, how much can you win, exactly?  Here are the prize funds associated with the bigger tournaments:-

For a long weekend, forget playing for fun or the pure pleasure of being able to laugh hard in your mate's face - Multiplay's sponsors back up the greatest LAN event in the country with some very strong prize money

Alongside the hardcore competitive gaming, there will be lots of pick-up games and a chance to see some of the latest game releases on a variety of platforms. Then there are the presentation areas where loads of companies line up to show off the latest hardware and accessories.

Here’s an up to date list of the companies that are working hard to support the UK’s extensive gaming community at i43:-

• Antec
• Aquatuning
• CCL Computers
• CM Storm
• Coolermaster
• Curry’s
• Electronic Arts
• Iiyama
• In Win
• Kick Energy
• Kingston
• Kustom PC
• Medion
• Microsoft
• Midland Computers
• PC World
• Pro Class TV
• QuietPC
• Razer
• Riot Games
• Roccat
• Samsung
• Sapphire
• Thermaltake
• Triple Widescreen
• Tt eSports
• World Cyber Games

Multiplay's Managing Director, Craig Fletcher is working hard to make i43 a success

KitGuru says: Overall, Multiplay’s Insomnia series is a unique and fun experience – whether you choose to attend as a serious gamer that brings their own kit and camping gear – or a spectator who just drops in to see what all the fuss is about. Check out the site now… Highly recommended!

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