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Google is starting to forget BBC and Guardian articles

Google has begun complying with EU privacy law and is processing “right to be forgotten” requests. However, the process seems to be removing BBC and Guardian news articles from the search engine.

The Guardian’s James Ball has said that six of the paper’s articles have been removed so far and wants publishers to revolt against this and has said that media outlets should set up Twitter accounts to send out links to articles that have been removed.


Google was ordered to start granting “right to be forgotten” requests at the end of May, since then the company announced that it would start working through requests slowly in order to perfect its process:

This is a new process for us. Each request has to be assessed individually, and we’re working as quickly as possible to get through the queue. We’ll continue to work with data protection authorities and others as we implement this ruling.”

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KitGuru Says: News articles are public knowledge and usually contain important information. Media outlets won’t be happy with their links being removed, we’ll see how this plays out but hopefully Google won’t let news stories continue to slip through the cracks. 

Source: The Inquirer

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