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Lian Li PC-X2000FN Chassis Review (w/ dual Xeon)

Rating: 10.0.

I have reviewed many thousands of tech goodies over the last decade and only a handful of these have left a long lasting impact. These are the products that you get a ‘warm fuzzy glow' about inside when you think back … I can still remember playing Tomb Raider at 640×480 with my 3DFX / Matrox Millennium system for instance. Apple's first iPad was an iconic product. When i first listened to STAX 009 headphones, that was a life changing experience.

Lets be honest, computer chassis are not the sexiest products. They don't target the Endorphins – we review hundreds of cases every year and very few create any kind of lasting impact with me. There is a reason for this – they are generally built to a budget price point to target the largest possible audience. There are only two cases that I would take with me into the next life – the Silverstone Raven 02 and the Lian Li X2000. Today we are looking at the latest revision to the X2000 – the X2000FN.

I got my hands on the PC X2000F in March 2011 and at the time I was incredibly impressed with the overall design and build quality. Lian Li are without question one of the finest chassis manufacturing companies on the planet and the attention to detail was apparent on every panel. I actually still use this case today, 18 months later.

The X2000FN has received a handful of changes since we last had the opportunity to put it through our labs. We hope that Lian Li haven't made any changes for the worse, as we know sometimes this can happen.

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