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Be Quiet! Dark Rock Advanced CPU Cooler Review

Rating: 8.0.

We recently looked at Be Quiet!’s flagship cooler, the Dark Rock Pro, and were impressed by the strong cooling performance and attractive appearance.  Today, we are looking at one of their less expensive coolers in the Dark Rock range.

The Be Quiet! Dark Rock Advanced CPU Cooler costs around £15 less than the flagship cooler, meaning it is available on the market for only £40.  With this reduction in cost, Be Quiet has removed one of the heatsink stacks and one of the fans.  Let’s see how it performs.


Extremely efficient

  • The six three-dimensional moulded heat pipes work rapidly to transport the heat with the help of an oxygen-free copper layer (OFC) to the optimum point within the cooling lamellas.
  • The single-tower layout with six heat pipes enables excellent heat dissipation within a small space.

Nice and quiet

  • The 120-mm SilentWings PWM fan guarantees the best ratio of cooling efficiency to noise level.
  • The wave-shaped contour of the cooling lamellas prevents noises and optimises the airflow.

High-quality materials

  • The fan surfaces are coated in dark nickel.
  • The brushed, fully aluminium cover protects the cooling lamellas.
  • The stable backplate ensures a shockproof attachment, even when transporting the computer.

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  • Colin

    They really are some of the best looking coolers on the market.

  • Devon

    I have this cooler and its fantastic. I use it on a 2600k and I run it with a moderate overclock. the noise is superb. thats why I bought it. good review Henry

  • Gilbrator Fani

    Excellent looking cooler. THey should do a giant one like the D14…… with their quiet fans. id buy it

  • TB

    After about 5 minutes of BIOS buildup tweaking, I got my Phenom II x4 955 to 4GHz and it idles at 28-30C and stays at 45-46C under 100% load.
    This cooler is amazing!
    going from my old PC where the temperatures range from 44C(idle)-60C(load) (using the same 955 CPU + stock cooler)
    The new build uses the antec 300 case with 5 fans if anyone is interested

  • Chris

    I am sure this cooler is brilliant on most rigs, however i dont think i can get it sitting right with my 990fx asrock board. my fx8120 hits 62/63c easily under load which indicates to me its not cooling properly. the cooler plate is still cold and before i put some better thermal paste on my cpu was hitting 70c on prime95.