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Noctua NH D14 Cooler review – The ‘Austrian Sandwich’

Rating: 9.0.

Noctua are an Austrian company well known in enthusiast circles for producing some of the finest fans on the market. I will hold my hand up – all of my systems at home incorporate their 120mm fans (NF12’s) on one level or another, simply because they are class leading products. Fantastic CFM performance with minimum noise – making them not only ideal for media centers, but for hot running gaming rigs.

Today we are looking at their NH D14 cooler which is quite honestly one of the largest coolers I have ever seen. Noctua have designed this product to have not one, but two rows of aluminum cooling fins rising from the coolers base. Each of these has a dedicated fan to keep them cool – with probably one of the most intelligent airflow designs we have seen in recent years. Each of these cooling banks is created from 42 individual fins and although they are relatively wide in regards to spacing, the surface area is massive which should more than compensate.

Noctua have always made top quality products so we have high hopes that this cooler really will deliver the goods.

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  • Tim Jordanson

    Damn, wicked review, thank you. that is one mega cooler. hugeeeeeeeeee

  • Death Dealer

    Holy shit, how did I miss this before? its been out a while. that is crazy performance.

  • Luke K

    Surely that puts a lot of strain on a motherboard – its well over 1kg?! I remember when 700g+ was considered heavy.

  • Lucy Lickable

    Lovely colours ! yum

  • Dave F.

    I wouldnt be too concerned with the weight – some of the dual cpu socket motherboard have handled 1kg colours on each socket. its still well within safety. I just would make sure the boards are well attached to the chassis and that you dont lean on them !

  • Tom Roundidlo

    Noctua are a quality company and I have loved everything they have produced. for such a small outfit they produce constantly great products.

  • Francis

    Thanks for including the watercoolers and overclocked settings, first good review of this I have read. Great cooler, need to order one soon.

  • Tom Roberts

    It is an interesting concept to be able to rotate the cooler on Intel for different fitting positions. Shame you cant do it with AMD.

  • SO low

    Nice nice heatsink. shame its so big as I dont think ti would work in my case.

  • Nightmare after christmas

    It is very expensive, you can get the Corsair H50 for the same price, almost. I think. right?

  • Matthew Harding

    This is actually better than the true? thats amazing, I shall order one when im paid, I like the look of it and the fitting is neat.

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  • Rex

    This is called NH-C14 not NH-D14, that aside, good review

  • This is the d14. We have reviewed the c14, it’s smaller.

    There is even a picture of the box on page 2 with the product name on it

  • Spongy

    I hope this is compatible with Asrock Fatal1ty Professional (MoBo), CM 690 II Advanced (Case), and G.Skills Ripjaws (Memory). Anyone can confirm this? Thanks.

    I love the review. 5ghz? Really! Wow..