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OK, it has arrived. Following on from Intel’s very open and honest revelation yesterday morning, the channel has been waiting to hear what the full extent of Intel’s advice is – and it has just arrived. KitGuru reveals all.

The message is clear.

Intel Recommends Channel Customers Stop Building and Shipping Systems based on Intel 6 Series Chipsets.

As a result of the design issue recently identified with the Intel 600 Series Chipset, we are recommending that system builders stop building and shipping systems based on this chipset until additional information becomes available.
If you have already shipped systems to your customers based on the Intel® 6 Series Express Chipset and the C200 chipset and believe you may be affected by this issue, please contact your place of purchase for specific information about next steps”

So there you have it, the great freeze has happened and the channel is now preparing for an Arnie-level Total Recall.

Clear, in black and white, in case you did not know: Stop!

KitGuru says: Intel’s biggest problem is that the Sandy Bridge processors have no problem at all – and they are significantly better than anything Intel has ever produced before. Can AMD make hay? Let’s see if they have the marketing muscle available to wrest a sizeable chunk of market share from the competition.

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  • Rocky1234

    So if Intel would have made the Sandybridge Socket compatible with the 1156 sockets they would have at least had a fall back option to keep selling the SB CPU’s. This is where greed comes back & bites ya in the a$$ I guess. Maybe in the future Intel will not be so quick to dump a socket that is pretty much the same as the new one that replaces it. They may have a fall back in that they can have the mainboard makers produce a bios that would allow the SB CPU’s work on the older 1156 boards if not they just opened the gates a little bit for AMD to come in & get some of the CPU business back.