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AMD Ryzen 3 1300X & 1200 (4C4T) CPU Review

Our objective with CPU overclocking is to hit frequencies that we think will be achievable for daily use by the platform’s buyers. As such, we test with sensible cooling hardware which, in this case, is the AMD Wraith Stealth cooler supplied with each CPU. We also used sensible voltages that lead to manageable thermal results.

Stability is confirmed by running multiple Cinebench tests, Handbrake video conversion, and AIDA64 CPU, FPU, and Cache stress test for at least 1 hour. We do not use Prime95 as we have found it to be overly demanding as a stress test application with the more recent AVX-capable versions.

The partnering hardware of choice is the Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 motherboard (until it decided to die) and the ASUS Prime B350-Plus, 16GB of G.SKILL Flare X 3200MHz CL14 DDR4, and a Seasonic 760W Platinum PSU. We also point a 100mm Antec Spot Cool at the VRM heatsink to provide direct airflow for cooling.

Ryzen 3 1300X Overclocking

Ryzen 3 1300X overclocking was successful with our sample. We pushed the chip up to 3.9GHz using stock voltage and the Wraith Stealth CPU cooler set at maximum fan speed. Bumping the voltage up towards 1.4V did not help stability above 3.9GHz, so we simply settled on 3.9GHz with stock voltage.

Temperatures remained sensible at this voltage and speed setting, even with the bundled Wraith Stealth cooler.

In short, our final Ryzen 3 1300X overclocking settings using a Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 motherboard were:

  • 3.9GHz on all cores.
  • Stock CPU VCore (no adjustment in the UEFI – around 1.26V under Cinebench load).
  • Multiple Cinebench R15 multi-core runs to validate stability, as well as AIDA64 CPU stress test.
  • DDR4-3200MHz 14-14-14-34 @ 1.35V.

Ryzen 3 1200 Overclocking

Our Ryzen 3 1200 chip wasn’t as proficient an overclocker as our 1300X sample. We managed to hit 3.9GHz but had to increase the voltage to do so. We did not spend a significant amount of time tweaking the overclock with this CPU as it is highly likely that the Ryzen 3 1200 will hit that same 3.9GHz all-core frequency that we have seen on other Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 parts. But the silicon lottery has strong influence on this capability.

Overclocking comments:

Ryzen 3 looks to offer similar overclocking capacity to other lower-end Ryzen models. While 4.0GHz and 4.1GHz is possible with the more prime silicon of the 1800X and 1600X, for example, chips such as the Ryzen 3 1300X and 1200 look more comfortable around 3.9GHz based on our brief period of testing.

Our 1300X held stably at 3.9GHz and stock voltage without any hiccups. The 1200 sample that we received would do 3.9GHz but it wanted a sizeable increase in voltage to get there. We think that 3.7-3.9GHz all-core speed using a budget motherboard should be a solid target for Ryzen 3 overclocking. Those willing to spend more time tinkering are likely to push towards a more comfortable 3.9GHz and possibly even 4.0GHz.

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