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AMD Ryzen 3 1300X & 1200 (4C4T) CPU Review


7-Zip is an open source Windows utility for manipulating archives. We measure the Total Rating performance using the built-in benchmark tool. The test stresses all CPU cores to 100% and shows an affinity for memory bandwidth.

Mozilla Kraken

Mozilla Kraken is a browser-based JavaScript benchmark that tests a variety of real-world use cases. We use Chrome as the test browser. The test exhibits very little multi-threading and shows an affinity for CPU clock speed and IPC.

Sandra Memory Bandwidth


File compression and decompression with 7-Zip is another task that benefits AMD’s Ryzen 3 offerings at their respective price points. The Ryzen 3 1200 is 21% higher-performance than the low-cost Pentium G4560 and 10% better than its Core i3 competitor. Ryzen 3 1300X is again nipping at the heels of the expensive Core i5-7400 and manages to outperform Intel’s quad-core by 5% when pushed to 3.9GHz.

Clock speed on a single core is the primary driver for Mozilla Kraken. So, it is no surprise that Intel’s fast chips perform well in this task. Both the Core i3-7100 and Pentium G4560 outperform a stock Ryzen 3 1200 by 17% and 7%, respectively. Ryzen 3 1300X, however, manages to beat a more expensive Core i5 thanks to the XFR pushing AMD’s chip to 3.9GHz under single-core workloads. However, it takes an overclock on AMD’s Ryzen 3 for it to outperform the 3.9GHz Core i3-7100.

AMD delivers strong memory bandwidth thanks to the support for high-speed – 3200MHz – DDR4 memory on cost-effective motherboards. Comparatively-priced Intel-based motherboards only allow for support of the CPUs’ native 2400MHz DDR4 frequency. The flip side of AMD’s bandwidth advantage is better memory latency for Intel chips, according to AIDA 64. AMD scores around the 70-77ns mark in the memory latency tests whereas Intel’s chips deliver around 60ns for the i3 and Pentium and 49ns for the i5.

Put simply, if you have tasks that require file compression/decompression work or are sensitive to memory bandwidth, AMD’s Ryzen 3 options are a strong choice thanks to their four cores and high-speed memory support with budget motherboards. However, frequency-sensitive workloads can still show benefits on Intel’s highly-clocked Core i3 chips.

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