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Google might be looking in to making its own processors

Google could potentially be planning to make its own processors in the future it seems. This news comes by the way of a new job listing, seeking a ‘multimedia chip architect’, which means the company may follow in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung and begin designing its own chips for products like the Nexus line of smartphones or its own Android TV devices like the Chromecast.

The job is a full-time position at Google’s headquarters in California and the listing itself states that the employee will take part in a “new chip development effort”.


“We need our engineers to be versatile and passionate to tackle new problems as we continue to push technology forward. If you get excited about building new things and aren’t daunted by the challenge of building something from scratch, our team might be your next career step.”

The listing goes in to further detail saying that successful applicants will need to “propose chip architecture based on product requirements; prototype designing in field-programmable gate array or simulator; evaluate performance of various performance algorithms; lead a chip development effort; and work with other engineers to take chip to product shipment”.

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KitGuru Says: Right now, Google relies on Qualcomm for its smartphone chips, while Apple and Samsung have managed to make competitive devices using their own technology. It would seem that Google might be interested in bringing chip design in-house as well, though we can’t tell for sure just from a job listing.

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