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Rumour claims GTX 1080Ti may appear at upcoming Nvidia event

There have been rumours floating around about the GTX 1080Ti for months now but unfortunately, we have yet to actually see the GPU. The graphics card was previously expected to make an appearance at CES during the Nvidia keynote but it was a no-show. However, with GDC coming up at the end of the month, the rumour mill has begun spinning once again with some reports that the GTX 1080Ti may appear at an event Nvidia is hosting on the 28th of February.

We have previously heard that perhaps the GTX 1080Ti launch will take place during the week of the Game Developers Conference, which runs from late February into early March. However this event announcement has got the rumour mill spinning once more.

You can see the invitation above, with the event set to take place in San Francisco on the 28th of February from 6:30PM until 11:30PM. However, it is important to make it clear that this is a fan event and right now, we have no idea whether or not it will be live streamed.

A streamed event is usually a good sign of a company’s intention to actually announce something but until we catch wind of that, it is more likely that this is just a fan event, intended to drum up some goodwill with those buying hardware. Still, even if we don’t hear anything at this event specifically, we could end up with something GTX 1080Ti related as GDC goes on.

KitGuru Says: I’m not convinced that this event will double as a GTX 1080Ti reveal but it will still be worth keeping an eye on. Are any of you waiting on Nvidia to release a GTX 1080Ti? It would be nice to have a 4K/60fps card in a more affordable price range than the Titan X

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  • Si C

    Pascal = Old! Bring on the new boy, Vega!!! 😀

  • WhiteSkyMage

    Vega 10 for the win. No more nvidia for me. My GTX 980 for a RX490 (or whatever they call it).

  • Rocky40

    To little to late they horded it to long it would be a dead end choice at this late stage of the game when anyone with common sense knows the Pascal re brand oops refresh is only a few months away. Why buy this now if released now when bigger and things are just around the corner in 2-3 months. Unless you got diagnosed by the doctor you only got 3 months to live I see no reason to buy this if released now unless your brain dead.

    just for information sake I was going to get a 1080Ti back in Sept 2016 for my bday if released when they should have been. I ended up with a Samsung 60 inch TV instead happy for that thanks Nvidia. Now time to wait for Vega I don’t want another refresh or re brand like my two 390x cards are they work fine but this time around I want fresh new silicon tech in my graphics card or card’s depending how a single Vega is.

  • Sam Johnson

    We could see 2080TI not 1080TI, what the point of offering 1080TI in March and Pascal refresh in June – July.

    I know some fans will buy it but still after three months will be half price.

    Not to mention 1080 offer 9 TFLOPS and Titan XP 11.2 TFLOPS There is no room for 1080TI (it’s not worth it).

    But if they will offer 2080TI with 12.5 TFLOPS and 10GB GDDR5X, maybe so many people will buy it.