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18W Fusion ‘Zacate’ APU battles Core i5 : KitGuru @ IDF

Kitguru have been making an appearance at IDF and today we spent some time with AMD at their ‘hotel location’. They were really keen to focus on their new CPU architecture with integrated graphics. The new ‘APU’ chip is code-named ‘Zacate’ and it is based on dual Bobcat CPU cores and Evergreen class Direct X 11 graphics.

This chip only takes a maximum of 18W power and is the quicker of the two Bobcat based APUs. AMD Guru Chris Mikesell spent some time with us and gave us a rolling demonstration. The first part of our video was based around City Of Heroes with the game running on both Zacate and on a Core i5 based laptop. The Core i5 system’s integrated HD graphics processor was struggling to hit 15fps while on the AMD Zacate solution it was peaking between 30-40fps.

Chris also showed us an early version of Internet Explorer 9 with GPU acceleration, focusing on some intensive content. As before the Core i5 system was struggling to deliver a smooth experience while the Zacate solution was hardly breaking a sweat.

We had a chat with Chris later and he gave us some information on the hardware, saying it was a discrete level GPU with an APU incorporating a video decode block similar to the UVD hardware in current day Radeon hardware but more in line with the upcoming Northern Islands chips.

Zacate based systems are due to hit the market in Q1 2011, followed shortly by Ontario solutions.

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  • Dan

    very excellent, look forward to seeing these new solutions end of year !

  • Terry

    this looks really impressive, the power drain is excellent, thats such an important factor as well as performance.

  • Mank

    Ohhhh I like the look of this technology. we need this, I was never impressed with the ATOM. AMD lets see what you got !

  • Jewish Tech freek

    Absolutely amazing stuff. Two of these must be sucking the juice right out of the wall. those benchmarks are fing mental.

  • Jewish Tech freek

    Yeah, thats what im talking about. hopefully we see some serious performance increases over the current lame ass mobile hardware we have to make do with.

  • Ron


  • faith

    @Ron: Can’t believe that it true for one second. Right now, the market is as fair as it can be and we’ve heard no complaints from AMD. Fusion Vs Sandy Bridge is gearing up to be one of the best fights ever in the tech market… we’re really looking forward to it!