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AMD HD6990 will not be warrantied in OC mode: confirmed

Yesterday KitGuru published several articles on the HD6990, one with an official card in single mode and later two HIS HD6990's in a Dual CrossfireX configuration. Today we woke up with many emails from readers asking about the warranty situation.

We noticed that the press pack said ‘AMD product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking, even when overclocking is enabled via AMD software and/or the Dual-BIOS Function’.

This actually means in position 1 that if you run into any hardware problems AMD will not be supporting the warranty. We aren't sure how this will affect support from AMD partners such as Sapphire, Powercolor, HIS or XFX – although from calls we made this morning it seems that many of them don't actually know yet.

Partner cards will ship with warnings - its best paying attention if you want your warranty

AMD confirmed with us this morning that the warranty will be invalid if the user switches to the ‘OC mode' – which translates of a core increase to 1.175 volts and a clock speed of 880mhz.

We would strongly advise that if you are buying a HD6990 to leave it in the default position. Our testing shows that the cooler is doing a reasonably good job, but we can't comment on the long term reliability right now. It is an unusual decision to offer an optional bios setting ‘out of the box' and not deliver warranty support, but we would assume AMD might also have concerns with partnered power supply failures.

KitGuru says: Updated information will be published on Kitguru as soon as we find out.

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