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Air Cooler Challenge – 7 Way Round-Up

Phanteks PH-TC12DX

Phanteks offers its PH-TC12DX cooler in blue, red or black in addition to the white version that we saw – which retails at £38.99. In fact there is a fair amount of aluminium on show so it would be more accurate to describe the cooler as white and silver.

The painted finish on the cooler body looks good and the fans and cables are also white to give a colour match.

The layout of the cooler is quite conventional, however it has been designed with some neat details that work well. Let’s start with the installation instructions which are noteworthy as four separate sheets are supplied with different languages (English, Chinese, Japanese and German). This makes them much easier to understand than the usual multi-language instructions.

For an AMD motherboard you use the stock back plate, then install the side rails, spacers and screws and after that you fix the cooler body in place. You need to remove the motherboard from your case to make life easier.

Moving on to the mainstream, for LGA115x you install a back plate with four studs that have with hex heads that prevent the studs from rotating. Slip on some spacers and two side rails and lock the whole lot together with four nuts. Once the cooler has been screwed down you can clip on the two fans with their captive wire clips. There is a Y cable in the pack of accessories so you can hook the two fans up to a single header. It is a good, logical way of doing things.


Intel LGA115x support Yes
Intel LGA1366 support Yes
Intel LGA2011 support Yes
Intel LGA775 support Yes
AMD AMx/FMx support Yes
TDP rating Not given
Base of cooler Copper
Heat sink Aluminium tower
Heatpipes 4 x 6mm heatpipes
Supplied fans 120mm PH-F120HP
Fan speed 600rpm-1,800rpm
Fan bearings Updraught Floating Balance
Air flow 23cfm-69cfm
Noise levels 21.9dBA-27.6dBA
Dimensions 157mm (H) x 107mm (W) x 126mm (D)
Weight 880g
Warranty Five years

Product Shots

KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Phanteks-PH-TC12DX-Box  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Phanteks-PH-TC12DX-Bare-Cooler  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Phanteks-PH-TC12DX-mountings-3  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Phanteks-PH-TC12DX-Z97-mountings

KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Phanteks-PH-TC12DX-mountings   KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Phanteks-PH-TC12DX-Sabre-fitted-4  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Phanteks-PH-TC12DX-Sabre-fitted-3  KitGuru-Cooler-Round-Up-Phanteks-PH-TC12DX-Sabre-fitted-2


The Phanteks PH-TC12DX almost kept up with the epic Deepcool Assassin II and only fell a handful of degrees behind on our AMD CPUs. The overclocked Core i7-4820K ran at the same 62 degrees on both the Phanteks and Deepcool coolers which is pretty impressive.

One difference is that the Phanteks fans operated in the range of 1,500rpm to 1,800rpm when the CPU was loaded at 100 percent. The fans were nice and quiet at low speed but were audible when they were running near their maximum speed.

Phanteks PH-TC12DX Temps KitGuru

KitGuru Says: Phanteks has supplied a quality cooler for less than £40 and it performs superbly well.

Score: 9 out of 10

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