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Rating: 8.5.

Nvidia’s GTX 1060 is now available to buy and while the reference design (Founders Edition) is an interesting choice, it’s the customised variants from Nvidia partners that should offer the best cooling, performance and feature set. The ASUS GTX 1060 STRIX is the first of the custom GTX 1060s to be tested by KitGuru so let’s see what it has to offer.



At a quick first glance the ASUS GTX 1060 STRIX is almost identical to the ASUS GTX 1070 STRIX and that’s for a valid reason. ASUS has reused the same board design which means an excellent triple-fan cooler, full backplate and Aura RGB functionality. The GTX 1060 STRIX arrives in two different SKUs, an OC variant and a standard one with the only observable differences between the two being frequencies and pricing.

In for review we have the OC model which has a boost clock of 1845MHz and slight memory overclock of 8208MHz (effective). Given the non-existent differences between this and the standard variant it seems the price increase of $/£20 is a bit steep and prospective buyers comfortable with overclocking should consider the cheaper option and overclock it themselves.

Pricing will likely be a contentious issue for the GTX 1060s as it’s more of a value-oriented model than the GTX 1070. Nvidia says GTX 1060 pricing starts from £239.99 which is technically true, a handful of models are available around this price point, but most prestigious manufacturers, including ASUS, seem to be using the Founders Edition (£275/$300) as the baseline and pricing suitably above that level.

While it’s easy to be critical of that pricing, ASUS does a lot to justify the premium including – full RGB functionality, uprated-quality components, automated production, dual HDMI ports for VR and onboard GPU-controlled fan headers.


In light of the recent clock speed controversy that embroiled a number of graphics card vendors ASUS has been fully transparent about what the out-of-the-box frequency will be for customers. Those frequencies are the ones we’ve tabulated below and as such we tested the ASUS GTX 1060 STRIX in this configuration, users will be able to install ASUS GPU Tweak II  and enable the faster OC mode with one simple click.

GPU Nvidia GTX 1060 Founders Edition
GPU Cores 1280 1280 1280
Base Clock 1506 MHz 1506 MHz  1620MHz
GPU Boost Clock 1708 MHz 1708 MHz 1845MHz
Total Video memory 6144 MB 6144 MB  6144 MB
Memory Clock 4006 MHz  8008 MHz 8208 MHz
Memory Bandwidth 192 GB/s  192 GB/s  197 GB/s
Bus Width 192-bit 192-bit  192-bit
Price (£/$)  £275/$300 £300/$310  £320/$330

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  • Sean

    Why isn’t there a GTX 980 in this lineup, seeing as it’s supposedly the 1060’s most comparable card? would have been interesting to see the differences between the two.

  • performance wise, a stock 1060 is like an overclocked 970

  • Sean

    Hi N3XUS. While that may be true. Isn’t a heavily overclocked 970 comparable to a stock 980? I’ve heard elsewhere that the 1060 is around the 980 performance wise. Wondered why there wasn’t one included in the lineup. I would have been interested to see where the 1060 lay in between the two (970 and 980).

  • MrRandom

    The card is phenomenal…. Only problem is the price here in Canada… retailers that have this particular model are charging upwards of $459 to $469… Not enough of a performance boost to replace a RX480 ($309 – $329 Canadian) and to close to a GTX 1070 price wise… (I would just step up to 1070 instead of getting this unit).

  • Hey! Yes, you’re right a 970 with a nice OC can indeed reach 980 levels of performance.
    You should check out this vid if you’re still curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W7WX6pjL-M

  • Stanko

    Why on the first screenshot on GTA V, there is 2048 video memory?

  • this one, or Gigabyte G1 gaming gtx 1060?
    same base and boost clock

  • I’m sure I answered this question before, maybe it was someone else. Anyway the screenshots are there just to provide the settings we use for benchmarking each game. When these settings screenshots were taken it was a GTX 750 Ti, which has 2GB.

  • Joshua Daley

    6-8 bucks? That’s not much mate. Learn to use a comma instead of a decimal point ya scamming cunt