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ADATA comes in to land a 120GB closer to 70 quid

The initial move on SSD pricing from SanDisk, seems to have been answered in every part of the market. Now, we're seeing the £99 ADATA SSD drive coming in at less than £80. What should we expect to see next? KitGuru gives its balls a good rubbing and peers into the crystal.

In the world of processors (GPU and CPU), people use the expressions lithography or process. For some reason, the memory dudes like ‘Geometry'. Which ever expression you prefer, the effect of Samsung, Toshiba and co moving to 19-22nm seems to be having a knock on effect on the price of SSDs.

SanDisk kicked off the price war with the 2nd generation 120GB drop to £67 and OCZ followed in hard with the 3rd generation 120GB Agility drive coming in at £77 (down from the RRP of £159).

Now the world's second largest memory module supplier, ADATA, has joined in the fun with its 3rd generation 120GB drive down to £79.

Having spoken with an industry insider, KitGuru has learned that as the new 4TB drives begin to plummet in price, it will cause a huge squeeze on the low end drive prices – probably down to below pre-flood-levels. At the same time, there will be a big increase in volume from the memory manufacturers, which will lead to more SSD price tumbles.

Not as low as the Agility from OCZ, but certainly in the same ball park

KitGuru says: The move to solid state was well under way before the Thai flood tragedy. Now there must be folks inside Seagate and Western Digital wondering how the hell do they get into this SSD business in any kind of sensible way.

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