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Kingston drop SSD price to £69.99 – official

It seems that hardly a day passes without an exclamation of shock from at least one of the Gurus of the Kit. Today's news from Kingston has been highly anticipated, but why is the number being quoted so shocking?  KitGuru prepares to go head to toe in order to find the truth.

Cher sang, Bang-Bang, you shot me down. The price tag associated with 120GB SSD drives has been getting more of a GAU-8 treatment than a simple bang-bang-ing.

SanDisk was first, then we spotted OCZ heading for the hard deck. AData has followed in, but stopped at £79.

Now the world's number one memory module company has swept in below the other offers, lining up almost 500 units at just £69 – including sales tax – and the possibility of some free delivery action.

There's almost nothing you can do for your PC that will have a bigger effect than plugging in a 120GB SSD and trying Windows 8 as a freebie download from the Microsoft folks. Everything running on RAM with a next-gen OS? It's guru-time.

KitGuru says:To counter balance this movement on SSD, we are seeing a slight rise in the price of regular (DDR3) memory. It's not quite a Ying-Yang, but there is definitely a little giving and receiving going on with the price of RAM these days.

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