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OCZ Vertex 4 128GB SSD Review (firmware 1.4 update)

Rating: 9.5.

When we reviewed the 512GB Vertex 4 in April, the drive literally blew us away. Finally, the Sandforce 2281 controller was dethroned at the top of the performance charts. Today we are looking at the 128GB Vertex 4, with the latest 1.4 firmware revision.

OCZ released the 1.4 firmware early in May which they say could boost the performance of the Vertex 4 by up to 110% in specific situations. V1.4 RC increased 128kb sequential reads from 535MB/s to 550MB/s on the 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models, while 128KB sequential writes have increased from 200MB/s to 420MB/s, 380MB/s to 465MB/s. A short while ago the ‘release candidate’ firmware hit full release status and this is the version we test today.

The 128GB Vertex 4 has seen a price cut from many stores, and ARIA in the United Kingdom are stocking it at only £105.95 inc vat, which looks to be the cheapest in the United Kingdom today.

Vertex 4 128GB Vertex 4 256GB Vertex 4 512GB
Sequential Read 535MB/s (550MB/s) 535MB/s (550MB/s) 535MB/s (550MB/s)
Sequential Write 200MB/s (420MB/s) 380MB/s (465MB/s) 475MB/s (no gain)
Random Read IOPS 90,000 90,000 95,000
Random Write IOPS 85,000 85,000 85,000
Max IOPS 120,000 120,000 120,000

When we initially reviewed the 512GB model, we received a few emails from readers who were concerned that the 128GB was rated at much lower speeds. OCZ claim that the 1.4 firmware will bring the 128GB performance up to similar levels as the 512GB model, for mainstream users anyway.

OCZ claim the faster speeds were made possible by “proprietary algorithms which orchestrate the sequence of physical NAND programming operations to ensure that each NAND device is optimally utilized.”

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  • Brian

    awesome, time to update my main system !

  • David Gibbo

    they are great drives, good to see them all coming down in price too.

  • Would have been nice if you would have focused on actual real world performance. Quite often synthetic benchmarks are only a very very rough approximation of real world performance.

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  • Lots of issues were fixed by this update, and yes, the performance was noticeably increased. This update was just a relief

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  • Charlie

    Great review & info’ thanks. I have ordered a Vertex 4 128GB and will be seeing for myself the results in real testing soon and this will be on firmware 1.5 as that has now been released.

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  • mihai

    does the ONfi NAND modules support toggle mode ?