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Atari is shaping its Ataribox via crowdfunding from December 14th

Atari surprised everyone when it announced it was going to release its first gaming hardware in 20 years, and surprised everyone even more with its price set to rival that of current consoles. Now, the Ataribox is set to go on sale as an Indiegogo exclusive on December 14th.

Back in September, Ataribox manager Feargal Mac revealed that the new device would sport a custom AMD APU with Radeon graphics as well as Linux OS to break away from the limitations of console and provide the same flexibility as PC.

We know that the Ataribox is intended to bring back classic games in a big way, similar to that of Nintendo’s effort with its Classic Mini NES and SNES. This includes a back catalogue of the publisher’s games from the ‘80s. The Ataribox, however, will also retain its ability to play brand new indie titles, PC titles to a varying degree of success depending on the requirements of each game and even standard PC functions such as applications and browsing the web.

Atari will retain its core design inspired by the original ’77 Atari 2600, but will be listening to fan feedback throughout the course of its crowdfunding campaign. This includes variations on colour, special editions, design options, content and early access on that content.

“Our community is the absolute backbone of Atari and we’d like to offer our earliest supporters a chance to grab Ataribox at an exclusive discount,” reads an Atari email. “Keep an eye on that inbox for your chance to order yours”

The Ataribox is still set to launch early 2018, with its retail price of $250-300. Those catching it early are entitled to the launch-day deal, which is undisclosed but will result in savings nonetheless.

KitGuru Says: It seems like the Ataribox is a blast from the past while giving a bunch of new features and functionality, but I’d need to see more on the concept to be sold on it not being a gimmick. What do you think of Atari’s comeback?

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  • ShiverMeTriggers

    Arrr… Still shady, ‘extremely limited’ sounds like quick cash grab from gullibles. No hardware specs or pre launch games. Going Indiegogo could mean them land lubbers don’t have any real hardware yet. Better wait for real hardware news before throwing doubloons into it… Ho… Ho….

  • Rocky40

    Yea even though I still remember the Atari of old I would have to think long & hard on wanting to give my hard earned cash for this. Isn’t Atari supposed to be a fairly big company and yet they are using crowd funding to get cash for this project. Are we sure this is actually Atari and not a clone. Mostly kidding about the clone thing I am sure KitGuru would not report about this if this was just a shady unknown trying to get our money or at least warn everyone to stay far far away from investing.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    Atari is not a big company, they barely exist these days. In 2014 they had like 10 people working there.

  • Bit wary i Must say , the sting of the Retro VGS, Coleco chameleon is still around. The vague news prior to the campaign is a bit of a worry so i am hoping they have lots of info on the campaign. Also I did hear that Kickstarter for hardware needs a prototype before you can launch the campaign but Indiegogo does not so i am hoping they show hardware

  • Rocky40

    Ouch did not know things got so bad for them these last few years. I know they were the publishers for the test Drive unlimited games which were ok games. I guess they never done much since then from the sounds of it.

  • Nikolas Karampelas

    I don’t even know if there is anyone from that atari company to be honest, the brand name changed hands a couple of times in the recent years, last time I remember paying attention to atari was with the neverwinter games.
    It is a shame because they had some great hardware back in the days I still have the original 2600 somewhere and the jaguar was a beast that for some reason failed 🙁

  • Rocky40

    Yea I also did not pay attention to what was going on with them as you may have noticed. I too still have a couple of old Atari 2600’s boxed up some where in storage and a butt load of those old games for them. I also have a Intellivision game system it works as well. One of the Atari’s & the Intellivision are in like new condition and even have their boxes and product manuals and stuff still.

  • ShiverMeTriggers

    Arrr.. Oldie but goldie, familiar face found…. Ho… Ho…