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Rockstar is being sued over a GTA V character

Well once again we’re here, with Rockstar being sued because someone feels like one of the hundreds of characters within GTA V was inspired directly by them and that consequently, they are due a few sheckles in return. Who is it doing the suing this time around? Lindsey Lohan. While according to the always accurate and never sensationalised, TMZ, Lohan has yet to officially his Rockstar with the suit but it is purportedly in the works.

The character that she believes is a take on her own real life persona, is three fold. First, she believes the female character with the smartphone on the cover is her and secondly, she believes the woman you help escape the paparazzi is her. It’s also stated that she thinks the mission where you photograph a woman having sex in the Marmont Hotel – somewhere that Lohan purportedly frequents – could be her too.

That’s three characters that are believed to be based on her. At this rate you might as well say she’s the inspiration for all three protagonists too.

I know what you people are thinking, but don’t be mean… girls. Get it?

The problem with this whole thing though, is that inspiration is pretty hard to prove, as unless there’s a Rockstar document that Lohan’s team somehow gets hold of, that says “let’s make this character like Lindsey Lohan,” then surely these women could have been inspired by anyone? Likewise, I’m sure (I haven’t played it yet) GTA V has a, ‘any resemblance to any people living or dead is purely coincidental’ notice, which pretty much gives it a get out of jail free card in the world of make believe that is video games.

KitGuru Says: Forget Lohan as I doubt anyone here really cares what she gets up to, but what do you guys think of the world of videogames using inspiration from real people for characters? Do you think that should have free reign, or should they have to acquire permission if it’s obvious?

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