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No Man’s Sky gets ‘Expeditions’ update

No Man’s Sky has gone from a great disappointment to far exceeding the game’s original promise. Though Hello Games have more than redeemed themselves for the open-universe title’s bad launch, the studio continues to pump out new and free updates, the latest of which adds Galactic Expeditions, a new HUD and much more.

Hot on the heels of the ‘Companions’ update, this new Expeditions update adds almost a dozen new features including:

  • Galactic Expeditions
  • Mission Patches
  • New HUD + 4K UI
  • Expedition Planner
  • Visor Tech
  • Cross-Save Rewards
  • Sentinel Balance
  • Perf + Load Optimised
  • Cross-Platform Naming Merge
  • Improved Pinning
  • On-going Seasons

The biggest inclusion with this update is the galactic expeditions which “will be starting all players together on the same planet and setting them off on a community expedition. Through the Expedition planner Travellers can embark on a series of milestones, each bringing new challenges… some are simple, others only the most dedicated will reach.”

No Man’s Sky continues to improve and evolve, adding so much more than the original trailer promised, and all completely for free. It will be interesting to see just how long Hello Games plans to support No Man’s Sky for as the game inches towards its 5th anniversary.

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