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Authors of 帝國 Online speak to KitGuru

A few days ago, KitGuru published a story about new MMORPG title 帝國 Online. The report was based around some users saying that the game had charged their account with unauthorised in app purchases.

Alwin Wong, from Lakoo, developer of the game emailed us to issue the following statement (unedited):

First of all, there are more than one person who rated our app charged their credit card only had our app installed or they have only installed a few free apps.

This clearly shows that they made the just to accuse us purposely. I’m unsure what their intention was but I wouldn’t be surprised if rival companies are trying to take down a game that has potential before it has launched. As a matter of fact, these negative comments only occur in the United Kingdom. Which shows the  group of persons who targeted our game as their target probably resided in the UK. Comments like that were never seen in other countries.

Other than that, the only way to make a purchase in our app is to make the purchase inside the app. Where the users must install our game. However, in the UK iTunes Store, many people have claimed that they haven’t purchase our app. Right, they used “purchase”. This showed two things. One, they have not even read about our app and made a false statement as our app is “free”. Two, there is no way to make a purchase without first installing our app, make a valid account, login, and lastly make a purchase in the game. Whoever made these comments, rival or not, they were not being truthful.

We have already asked Apple to investigate on this matter, as such comments or news reflect a negative image to our Company.

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