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Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 08:31 am

From cheap and cheerful 8GB sticks that get the basic job done to top of the range, high frequency modules with RGB and even liquid cooling: KitGuru Labs tests tons of memory to the limit. Check out our shortlist, then make your selection.

TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan DDR5 6000MT/s

TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan α DDR5-6000 is an obvious budget match for AMD Ryzen 7000. We like the compact heat spreaders that stand a mere 30mm above your motherboard. This makes it dead easy to install the largest possible AIO cooler in the roof of your case where clearance is often very tight.

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G.SKILL Trident Z Royal

G.SKILL's Trident Z Royal memory is absolutely superb. Our 4000MHz C17 kit delivered excellent performance when ran at the preferential 3800MHz clock speed with 1900MHz CPU tie-in frequencies. In most cases, the 2x16GB set of dual-rank modules delivered chart-topping performance. And overclocking to 3800MHz 14-14-14 at 1.45V was another boost that we were very happy to see.

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Kingston Fury Beast RGB 32GB 6000 MHz

I really like Kingston’s inclusion of multiple EXPO and XMP modes. This is an ideal quality touch for users who perhaps updated to a flaky BIOS and need to drop the frequency a bit. And if you switch between Intel and AMD platforms, the inclusion of both EXPO and XMP is convenient.

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G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB 32GB 6000MHz

There’s a lot to like from the G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB DDR5 kit. Out-of-the-box performance is solid in applications that will take advantage of a strong mix between 6000MHz memory frequency and tight – 36-36-36 – timings; 7-Zip file compression is the perfect example there, and gaming performance is also a little improved versus a 5200MHz C36 competitor.

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