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Last updated on September 17th, 2020 at 02:00 pm

From multi-function to lightning fast, are you looking for a mouse to enhance your MMORPG game play, increase your kill ratio in first person shooters or to make hours of Photoshop much less stressful? Whatever your requirement, we have evaluated loads of mice and made our opinions available

Razer Viper Mini

Last year Razer made two of my all-time favourite mice, the Viper and Viper Ultimate. It’s now 2020 and Razer wants to share the Viper’s love with everyone, thanks to the brand-new Viper Mini. This little mouse is physically smaller than the previous models but it also has an insanely affordable price point, while offering great specs.

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Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless

Featuring Razer’s new HYPERSPEED wireless technology that’s 25% faster than any other tech, a brand-new optical sensor named FOCUS+ designed in collaboration with Pixart, wired and wireless charging via the USB cable or charging dock supplied - the Viper Ultimate is a serious bit of kit.

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Sharkoon Light2 200 Mouse

The immediate idea behind the Sharkoon Light2 200 becomes clear with a single glance - take the popular Zowie EC shape and make it lighter by adding a lot of holes to the shell. However, Sharkoon has also taken the opportunity to add some extra features to the package, as the Light2 200 also features a swappable top shell, as well as replaceable DPI buttons so you can choose a low or high-profile button.

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Dream Machines DM5 Blink

The DM5 Blink has the thinnest, lightest cable we’ve ever seen, one of the best optical sensors available, RGB zones that even Unicorns will turn to look at and a price point we just can’t get our heads around. Is the DM5 Blink the best budget gaming mouse on the market?

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ASUS ROG Chakram

Are you a PC gamer that struggles between choosing a mouse and keyboard, or a controller? Then ASUS has certainly got something for you with its new ROG Chakram mouse! This gaming rodent demands attention with aggressive sci-fi looks, an ergonomic design - and to top it off, it has a customisable joystick! It's not cheap, but it offers something incredibly unique.

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