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Last updated on April 1st, 2020 at 01:09 pm

While SATA SSDs are lightning fast compared to traditional mechanical drives, the latest M.2 products are significantly faster still. As NAND production increases and technologies become more sophisticated, getting the best possible drive becomes even more important.

Corsair Force MP600 1TB SSD

The Force MP600 is Corsair's foot in the door for PCIe Gen.4 SSD market segment, using a combination of a Phison controller and 96-layer 3D TLC NAND, all sitting under a well designed  aluminium heatsink.

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Kingston DCP1000 1.6TB Solid State Drive

It goes without saying that the 1.6TB Kingston DCP1000 is the fastest drive we have tested to date, and then some. The drive has, at its heart, 4x NVMe SSD drives and it uses them to stunning effect - with read speeds past 7,000MB/sec in some tests. If you're looking for extreme performance, then this niche drive is very, very quick - and a shade over £1,500 as we type.

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Corsair Force MP510 960GB M.2 SSD

The Corsair Force MP510 960GB M.2 SSD is built on the latest 2nd generation Phison NVMe controller, with Toshiba's 64-layer 256Gb BiCS3 3D TLC NAND. It performs exceptionally well - in-line with the rated read and write speeds - but the kicker is the pricing. Corsair has been very aggressive with the drive's price, as it will set you back just £170.

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WD Black SN750 1TB with Heatsink

Announced at the same time as the standard Black SN750, WD's Black SN750 Heatsink model has only recently become available. Not only does it ship equipped with a stylish EKWB heatsink it also adds a 2TB flagship drive to the Black SN750 line-up.


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