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Apple wants its electric car to be ready by 2019

Apparently Apple is ramping up its efforts to create its own electric car. The company has been rumoured to be working on its own car for a while now and the latest stirrings seem to point towards Apple dedicating employees and resources to the project in order to have it …

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Mobile data to near 200,000 petabytes by 2019

Considering mobile data was almost non-existent a decade ago, it seems amazing to think how far it’s come in just a few short years. But it’s set to go even further in a few more, as new research suggests that by 2019, annual mobile data usage around the world could …

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Report suggests that PS4 will outsell Xbox One 40% by 2019

A new report from Strategy Analytics claims that the PlayStation 4 will maintain its strong lead over the Xbox One, outselling Microsoft’s console by 40 per cent by 2019. The results of the study were released this week, predicting sales figures for both consoles over the next four years. According …

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Kim Dotcom announces new extradition hearing date

Would you believe it? Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload and Mega, has had his New Zealand trial for extradition to the US pushed back once again, this time until 16th February 2015. This represents just one of many times the trial date has been extended, with early plans suggesting …

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