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Xbox Play Anywhere launches in September

One of the biggest announcements that Microsoft made at E3 this year was the new ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ program, which allows you to buy a game once digitally and play it on both Xbox and PC. This program also means that all future Microsoft-published games will also end up on …

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LA hospital pays Bitcoin ransom to hackers

Recently, a hospital in LA was hacked, with the attackers locking up work systems and likely getting away with private information regarding patients. Now in an effort to try and protect their privacy, the hospital has given in to a $17,000 Bitcoin demand in hopes that the attackers won’t do anything …

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Kaspersky details billion dollar digital bank heist

According to anti-malware security firm Kapersky, many of the world’s major banks have been hit by digital thieves over the past year and a half, with the attackers making off with at least $300 million, but potentially as much as a billion (£648 million), after using malware and social engineering …

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Looking for a job? Watch out for Zeus malware

Money launderers and account thieves have been using money mules for years to help clean up their cash and make it difficult for authorities to trace and a common method for recruitment in the past was job sites. Now though, security teams at those firms are beginning to crack down …

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Biggest music pirates also buy the most music

Music Data

A new study by the American Assembly at Columbia University has presented more evidence against the copyright lobbyists’ claims that pirates are the biggest music ‘thieves,’ suggesting instead that those that download the most music illegally, tend to buy the most music as well. The research analysed the music listening habits of …

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