1. “The Company” means KitGuru Limited, “The Web Site” means www.KitGuru.net and any sub domains
owned by The Company, “The Advertiser” means the company signing the contract and “The Booking”
is the signed advertising contract with its specific offer for advertising and promotion on The Web Site.

Specific Conditions

2. These terms shall govern every booking and The Advertiser’s standard conditions of purchase are
expressly excluded. No variation of these terms shall have any effect unless expressly agreed in writing
within The Booking and signed by both The Company and The Advertiser.

3. The Company reserves the right to refuse, withdraw or otherwise deal with all advertisements without
any liability to the advertiser and at The Company’s absolute discretion.

4. Advertisements are subject to the creative/copy being acceptable to The Company and space being
available. The Company is not liable for space being unavailable or the copy or creative supplied being

5. Every Booking is a separate contract and there shall be no right of set off between separate
advertisements or Bookings or a series of Bookings.

6. Unless specifically agreed in writing and subject to a premium payment, The Company reserves the right
to determine the position of each advertisement.

7. The Advertiser is responsible for ensuring that the advertisement (a) does not contravene English Law,
(b) conforms to the ASA’s Code of Advertising Practice, (c) is original, not inflammatory and does not
infringe the copyright or proprietary rights of any third party and (d) is at all times legal, decent, honest
and true.

8. The Advertiser agrees to fully indemnify The Company against any claim whatsoever arising from the
publication of the advertisement (including legal and other costs and expenses).

9. The rates to be paid and the dates on which they are due will be written clearly in each advertising

10. The Advertiser can ask The Company to cancel The Booking, but any cancellation will be done solely at
the discretion of The Company. The Advertiser shall immediately pay The Company any outstanding
sums that may be due. Cancellations are deemed to have been accepted when confirmed in writing by
The Company. Any such cancellation will come into effect 2 weeks after The Company confirms
acceptance in writing.

11. Advertising and creatives much be supplied by The Advertiser without request by The Company prior to
the date that The Booking starts. If copy or creatives have not been supplied The Company will at its
own discretion to repeat previous advertisements or to omit the advertisement if The Company deems
that no suitable creative alternative is available. In either case the full cost of the booking is payable.

12. While every care will be taken to ensure the campaign runs smoothly, The Company shall not be liable
for errors that occur due to insufficient and/or inaccurate instructions or circumstances beyond The
Company’s control.

13. The Company accepts no responsibility for any artwork, creative or copy supplied and reserves the right
to delete any supplied artwork, creative or copy supplied.

14. It is The Advertiser’s responsibility to check that advertisements are running as per their written
instructions and that all links are correct. Any technical issues with advertisements must be flagged by
The Advertiser to The Company within 24 hours of the advertisement running.

15. Payment terms are strictly 28 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing in
The Booking. Failure to settle within 28 days will render The Advertiser liable, at The Company’s
discretion, to pay interest on the outstanding invoices at 10% per annum, accruing daily, above the base
rate of Santander Bank. Should The Advertiser fail to comply with these terms or any other payment
terms agreed in writing in The Booking then The Company will be under no obligation to publish any
further advertising from The Advertiser.

16. All prices quoted are subject to the relevant government taxes and levies.

17. The various provisions of these terms and conditions are severable and if any of its provisions shall be
held to be invalid or unenforceable by any relevant court jurisdiction then such invalidity or
unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions of this agreement.

18. This contract shall be governed and construed in all respects in accordance with English Law and any
disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.