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Darwin evolves into a Pure PC

It's always nice to be surprised. We operate in a mature industry, where the truly inspirational products occur infrequently. So when we picked up a couple of emails about Pure PC and Darwin, we decided to do some investigating. Here's what we've found so far.

First you need an architect who is nuts about race car design. Then you need a boutique PC manufacturer in the US of A that wants to try and do something a little different. Marry the Darwin Machine design with the Pure PC production team and you get a very interesting system.

Pure PC has used Darwin's design to offer power ports as decoration
Never know when you might want to slice up some 4x2 timbers for an extension
Beautiful or not, it's refreshing to see people trying something different


What does KitGuru think is the coolest statistic from the Pure PC web site?

The guarantee that your rig will boot from BIOS to Windows 7 in 3.98 seconds.

Why do we like it?   Well, Pure PC could have picked anyone of dozens of numbers – but they have intelligently chosen the one which sounds most like a super car's acceleration to 60mph.  Nice.

KitGuru says: Looking at this Darwin Machine design, we could not help thinking about noise and dust. Well, you will be glad to know that the brains behind this evolutionary chassi design company, Matthew Kim, is already working on a new design that will be slightly smaller and in a slightly more enclosed chassis. KitGuru's waiting with baited breath.

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