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AOC unveils new Agon 32-inch 240Hz gaming monitor

AGON by AOC is getting another impressively spec'd gaming display this month. The new Agon AG325QZN offers QHD gaming at 240Hz, HDR and a reasonable price tag. The AGON AG325QZN/EU has a 32-inch Fast VA panel with 1440p resolution and a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz. The display promises rich …

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Sonic Frontiers has officially sold 3 million units

Following many years of less-than-stellar video game releases, Sonic Team seem to have knocked it out of the park with Sonic Frontiers. Released back in November 2022, the open-zone platformer has already managed to become one of the franchises better-selling titles, having officially surpassed 3 million copies in just 4 …

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GeForce Now adds five more games this week

Last week's GeForce Now update was pretty brief, bringing two titles to the library, while also rolling out GeForce Now Ultimate to Mac users. This week sees a wider variety of games coming to GeForce Now.  There are five games coming to GeForce Now today, two of which are brand …

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Cyberpunk 2077’s RT Overdrive Mode finally arrives next month

For all of its faults, Cyberpunk 2077 is a gorgeous looking game – especially when running on a high-end machine with all of its many ray-tracing features enabled. That said, the team at CD Projekt Red have teased that they plan to bring full path-tracing to the game via an ‘RT Overdrive Mode’. During GDC 2023, it was announced that path-tracing will be arriving next month as part of Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.62 update.

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