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Apple officially allows emulators on the iOS App Store

Over the past few months, new international laws and external pressure has forced Apple’s hand into relaxing many of its rules surrounding iOS and the Apple App Store. Between the addition of cloud streaming apps and the promised arrival of the Epic Games Store later this year, the iPhone creator has now started to allow game emulators to be added to the iOS App Store.

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Apple launches upgraded MacBook Air with M3 processor

Apple has recently unveiled the latest MacBook Air laptops powered by the new M3 chip. While it was expected that the MacBook Air would receive a similar upgrade to the MacBook Pro, it was unclear when it would happen. However, Apple has finally announced that it has updated the 13-inch …

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Apple launches iPhone 15 with USB-C

As all the leaks predicted, Apple today announced this year's iPhone and the big change is indeed the addition of USB-C. Due to new EU rules, a universal charging standard must be used by all smartphone makers, prompting Apple to finally drop its proprietary Lightning port in favour of USB-C. …

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