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Aerocool Soft Project 7 lounge furniture for gamers

While millions of R&D dollars have been poured into the ergonomic design of modern gaming chairs, those of you who like to play on the couch will have noticed that your living room sofa is soft and wraps itself around you. Aerocool’s engineers decided that console gamers needed more support. …

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Win a Google Pixelbook!

It's competition time! Today, we are giving our readers the chance to win something a little different. Last year, Google launched a brand new Pixelbook, complete with an impressive QHD display, loads of memory and fast flash storage. Today is your chance to win one and its open WORLDWIDE too!

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3 Reasons Sleeping With Gadgets Is Dangerous

Getting a new electronic gadget is exciting, but there’s a reason you shouldn’t be fanatical and sleep with it at night. Whether it’s a laptop, game console, smartphone, or an MP3 player, they don’t belong in your bed. Here are several reasons why: You might text someone in your sleep …

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