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Whether you choose Intel or AMD, read our reviews before you buy. Expert opinion on integrated, single slot, SLi and CrossFire.

Super Micro unveils its new range of SuperO Z390 motherboards

Super Micro has prepared its latest motherboards for Intel’s new 9th generation line-up, introducing the SuperO Z390 range. The new chipset gives Super Micro similar performance boosts touted by competitors, but what gives the company a real edge is server-grade quality built for gamers. The new SuperO motherboard line-up is …

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AMD B450 motherboards revealed by aftermarket vendors

When the new Ryzen chips launched a couple of months ago, they brought with them the X470 chipset. This chipset is aimed at the enthusiast, leaving budget builders out in the cold. That has all changed now though, as the B450 chipset is finally launching and aftermarket partners are starting …

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