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Philips goes ultrawide for latest Momentum gaming monitor

Philips has been launching many gaming monitors in the last few years, and that trend continues this month. The company has recently introduced the Momentum 34M1C5500VA, a curved gaming monitor with an ultrawide panel and a high refresh rate. The 34-inch VA panel has a 1500R curvature and 3440×1440 resolution. …

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Gigabyte’s latest monitors go all-in on ergonomics

Similar to the LG Ergo series monitors, Gigabyte has introduced a new series of gaming displays coming with an ergonomic monitor arm to mount on the desk. For now, there are only two Arm Edition monitors, but this number will likely grow in the future. These monitors are the M28U …

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BenQ shows off new pair of 240Hz gaming monitors

BenQ has introduced two new gaming monitors to its portfolio – The Mobiuz EX270M and EX270QM. Both come with the same design, with grey tones and orange accents on the feet of the stand. However, each uses a different panel, with one offering 1080p/240Hz and the other offering 1440p at …

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Lenovo launches two new 180Hz gaming monitors

Lenovo is getting ready to launch two new gaming monitors. Both have the same design, 27–inch panel size and adjustable stand, but the panels themselves do differ. One is a cheaper 1080p display, while the other offers 1440p instead.  First, we have the Y27-30, a 27-inch IPS monitor with FullHD …

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LG’s new DualUp monitor sports a 16:18 aspect ratio

Most consumer monitors fall within the classic 16:9 aspect ratio, with a few exceptions coming in at 16:10 or 4:3. However, LG decided to shake things up with the new DualUp monitor, a display aimed at creators and developers featuring a 16:18 aspect ratio. Featuring a 28-inch Nano IPS panel …

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