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Not all Nintendo Switch games will support TV Mode

The Nintendo Switch is based on a very interesting concept, with Nintendo attempting to use the console to bridge the gap between handheld and traditional console gaming. However, it turns out that not all Switch games will be required to support the console’s TV mode, meaning there will be some …

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons appear to be having some issues

The Nintendo Switch is coming out in just a couple of weeks, which means plenty of press outlets already have units in hand and are preparing reviews. Unfortunately, it looks like some of those with early units are experiencing a concerning issue with the Joy-Con controller as several prominent members …

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Nintendo claims early Switch was stolen, user returns it

Last week we got our first real look at the back-end menu system of Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console, thanks to one lucky owner who claimed to have received it several weeks early. However the story surrounding that console has taken a darker turn, as Nintendo is now claiming that the …

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