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There are currently no plans to create Shenmue 4

The Shenmue III reveal will go down in history as one of the greatest on-stage moments at E3. Unfortunately, following a successful initial crowdfunding campaign, things started to go down hill. Now, it seems that Yu Suzuki isn't sure that we'll see a Shenmue 4.  Shenmue 3 was kickstarted back …

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KitGuru Games: Overwatch 2 – the sequel nobody asked for

Just as promised, the Overwatch 2 multiplayer beta went live last week. We're still a year or so away from release, but the game is in a playable state and there is a small amount of new content to boot, including new maps and a new hero. The game is now 5v5 instead of 6v6, removing one tank character from each team, the biggest balance change to Overwatch since its inception. With all of that in mind, is there enough here to justify a full sequel, or should this have been a revamp for the original Overwatch instead?

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European Hardware Awards 2022 – Finalists Announced

Over the past two months, more than 100 of the world's top technology journalists have been looking at all of the hardware options available in the market - and voting for their favourite products. On Monday 23rd May 2022, the 8th European Hardware Awards will be presented to the world and that definitive list of the best hardware available in the market will be revealed...

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Intel Meteor Lake can already boot Windows, Linux and ChromeOS

According to Intel's roadmap, Raptor Lake processors should be arriving later this year, followed by “Meteor Lake” processors in 2023. The tape-in process was finished almost a year ago, and now, Intel has announced the new architecture can already boot on multiple operating systems. During Intel's recent quarterly earnings call, CEO, …

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New DDR5 memory overclock record sets the bar at 10,022MHz

Lately, professional overclockers have started to push beyond the 10K MHz mark on DDR5 memory. After MSI's team set the first +10,000MHz record, Gigabyte quickly followed, setting a new DDR5 memory speed record at 10,022MHz. According to HWBot, the new record was achieved by Gigabyte's professional overclocker, “HiCookie”. The overclocker …

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