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Baldur’s Gate 3 is getting new endings, including one inspired by Berserk

Larian impressed us all with how content-rich Baldur's Gate 3 was at launch. Since then, a series of free updates have expanded the game even further, giving players many reasons to keep coming back for a new playthrough. The next patch for the game is rolling out soon and it looks like players may want to fire the game up once again, as the update will include new endings. 

As a massive RPG, Baldur's Gate 3 already has a lot of alternate outcomes for quests throughout the game, as well as a varied set of ‘main endings'. In a recent developer update, Larian reveals that it has cooked up a few more outcomes for adventurers, and it sounds like these new endings will primarily be aimed at those who chose to go for an evil playthrough.

Patch 7 for Baldur's Gate 3 will include the new ending scenes, with particular attention paid to the Dark Urge origin ending. Other character classes will benefit from new scenes too, particularly if you followed the dark path and didn't help out the world too much. One of the endings will please Manga fans, as it seems to directly reference the eclipse from Berserk, a pivotal and iconic moment in a much beloved series. This wouldn't be a new concept, as several other notable games also reference Berserk, from Dark Souls to Dragon's Dogma.

This new patch will also address some outstanding bugs and introduce official mod tools, so it is going to be a sizeable update that should prep the game to live on after Larian moves on to other projects.

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