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Apple TV catches up to competitors by adding 4K and HDR

During the iPhone launch keynote, Apple shed some light on the future of its Apple TV range. With competition already offering a range of 4K enabled products, Apple are playing catch-up by finally introducing Apple TV 4K, complete with the high 3840 × 2160 pixel count and HDR functionality. Roku …

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Google appeals record breaking €2.42 billion fine

Google came under fire this June, netting the biggest fine the European Commission has ever handed out at €2.42 billion. The company has unsurprisingly filed an appeal, opposing the General Court of the European Union’s ruling. The €2.42 billion fine came about via the antitrust allegation that the tech giant …

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Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders break Samsung’s record

The Galaxy Note 8 begins shipping this week and Samsung have set an aim of selling 11 million units. It seems that the firm is well on its way, as the smartphone manufacturer has announced that pre-orders for the new phablet have broken company records, the highest-ever for the Note …

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PewDiePie issues an apology for racial remark

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg landed himself in hot water again this week after shouting a racial slur live on stream, prompting action from developers to issue DMCA takedowns in a bid to disassociate themselves. Inevitably, PewDiePie has issued an apology addressing the most recent matter, making no excuse or defence for …

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No new Arkham game claims Batman’s voice actor


Although developer Rocksteady left the series behind after a trilogy of games, WB Games Montreal’s spin-off prequel Arkham Origins provided a thread for the Dark Knight to return to the Arkhamverse. Many have expected some form of a continuation, but according to Batman’s voice actor Kevin Conroy, there are no …

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