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For those tech readers who don’t always get time to check out our game related content at Kitguru gaming – here is a round up of content published in the last week.

“Trials and Tribulations of Independent Game Developers – Indie Game: The Movie”

What do we really know about the lives of developers who spend thousands of hours, painstakingly developing games for consumers? You may have a rough idea of what goes on at big developing companies, but do you know anything about the lives and dedication of independent game developers?

Help Support And Money Wanted For Indie Game The Movie KitGuru Gaming   Weekly Round Up


“Can Video Games Be Considered Art?”

Newspapers, critics, and scientists can never seem to make up their minds about video games. Do video games cause obesity, or can theyhave a positive impact on your health and the health of the elderly? Do video games promote or in fact prevent violent behavior? Is there any educational merit among video games for children, or are they harmful for child development? As video games are shifting toward the center of mainstream society, more people are gaining exposure to games and seeing that, “Hey, maybe video games aren’t so bad after all.” Video games are now held in regard for their musical scores with symphony performances and for their social impact with museum exhibits around the world. A rather significant battle in the video game industry is that of video games as art, a battle which video games seem to be winning after years of criticism from those outside the industry.

Smithsonian American Art Museum Opening Video Games Exhibit In 2012 KitGuru Gaming   Weekly Round Up


“The Minecraft LEGO Set!”

That’s right – the release of the Minecraft LEGO set is now official!

43521b13c8ee996f6a3a3e40f1ad27af1 KitGuru Gaming   Weekly Round Up


“Valkyria Chronicles III Didn’t Make it to American or European Markets…Will Valkyria Chronicles IV?”

The first Valkyria Chronicles game was incredible, incorporating an overhead map of military units for placement on the battlefield and then zooming in so the player could see firsthand the individual movements and combat of each character. While Valkyria Chronicles did well among reviewers and gamers (even receiving its own anime series and manga), the PSP sequel didn’t sell well enough in North America and Europe to “justify localization costs” for the third game (also on the PSP) to make an appearance outside of Asia. What will be the fate for the next sequel?

imgvalkyria chronicles3 KitGuru Gaming   Weekly Round Up


“Blizzard News – BlizzCon Cancellation, 1st World Championship, WoW Helping St. Jude Charity”

Only a couple days left to claim your official retired WoW server by bidding on eBay. Each plaque states that the server was “honorably discharged from service,” along with the WoW realm name, month and year of “active duty,” the server’s importance to WoW, and signatures from the WoW team.

wow server KitGuru Gaming   Weekly Round Up

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