HTC HD2 seen running Windows RT

I was surprised in late November to see the HTC HD2 running Windows Phone 8. Afterall, the Windows Mobile 6.5 device was released only a few months before the launch of Windows Phone 7 in March 2010. The HD2 has a massive developer community behind it and has also had the power of Android and even Windows XP running through its veins.

Now, @CotullaCode has somehow managed to get Windows RT running on the device that is now nearly three years old. The developer has uploaded many pictures of the HTC HD2 running Windows RT to their Twitter.

While it would be awesome to run what a desktop platform on a smartphone, we have to question how well it actually performs. As of writing no public builds have been released.

KitGuru says: It is amazing how a smartphone that is now nearly three years on can still end up running the latest operating systems; no matter how bizarre.


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