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Computex: Zalman prepares T1 chassis for affordable victory

If a mate says Zalman, then almost the first thing that comes to mind will be the wonderful copper flowers that ruled the CPU-cooling planet around 10 years ago. Now the company has ambitions in other directions. KitGuru prepares to accept that Samsung may not be the only Korean firm on the tech planet.

Tucked away in adjoining suites in the Hyatt hotel, Taipei, Zalman has a vast array of new products spread out across the desks.

If we're 100% honest, then the thing we really want most is the company desk lamp – but more on that later.

For now, we're focused on the mundane and affordable world of entry level chassis.

In recent time, here in the UK, Cooler Master has owned a lot of this space with the Elite series. Now, it seems, there is a contender from Zalman, named the ‘T1'.

We'd need I get it into labs for a proper evaluation, but at first glance/handle, it has a quality feel and some very useful features. For example, there is room in the roof for liquid cooling – including the water pipe holes, per-cut into the metal.

The killer, however, is the price. This chassis could well go on sale in the UK for less than £20. Seriously!

KitGuru says: Not bad. Not bad at all. Even the plastic front panel has a quality feel to it. This is not your typical Chinese back door tat – this seems to be the real deal on a shoestring.

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