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Streacom FC5 EVO Fanless HTPC Case Review


The FC5 EVO has an understated appearance, taking on a similar form factor to a DVD player or PVR, meaning it won’t look out of place below your television.  It is finished entirely in black, giving it quite an understated visage.

IMG_2903 IMG_2901

The only features to speak of on the front panel of the case are a slot for a slot-loading optical drive and the power button.  The two front panel USB ports are neatly tucked away inside one of the grooves on the right hand side of the chassis.


Build quality is about as good as it gets thanks to the entirely aluminium finish which rivals the best cases on the market.  It’s clear that the exterior design of the case is heavily influenced by the cooling requirements for a passively cooled system, with fins down the right and left hand sides and a series of vents in the roof of the case to let hot air out.


Moving round to the back of the case we can see a rather unusual configuration which consists of the I/O panel orientated horizontally alongside a expansion slot orientated similarly.  This means that you will need an adapter for your motherboard to install a device in this location.

IMG_2935 IMG_2938

There also isn’t room for a standard PSU in this case.  Instead, you will have to purchase one of Streacom’s own power supplies.  They supplied us with a Nano 150W power supply which consists of an external power brick and a small PCB inside the case.


This conntects to a jack on the rear of the case and sits on top of the 24-pin motherboard connector.

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