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CES: Phanteks launches new cases, power supplies, RGB gear and waterblock

There was plenty of new gear on show at the Phanteks booth during CES this year. For starters, the company has teamed up with Seasonic to launch a new range of power supplies that support dual-system set ups. Beyond that, there were new cases, some new RGB gear and a new CPU waterblock for custom loop enthusiasts.

The Phanteks Revolt X power supply comes in with an 80 Plus Platinum rating and provides 1200W of power. Seasonic is the OEM for these, and during our Facebook livestream chat last night, it was confirmed that Phanteks will be sticking with Seasonic's industry leading 12-year warranty for these units. The key focus with these power supplies is the ability to power dual systems with one unit, this is achieved through a custom PCB that allows each PC hooked up to operate independently of the other. It is of course fully modular too, so you'll only need to plug in the cables you require in order to keep things tidy.

Two other Revolt series PSUs will be made available soon, the flagship is 1200W ($259.99) but 1000W ($159.99) and 850W ($129.99) options will also be made available.

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The Eclipse P350X is heading our way in Q1 2018. It is a longer and slightly larger version of the P300 with some stylish RGB lit accents on the front panel, tempered glass windows and support for E-ATX motherboards. It's not overly expensive either, coming in at $69.99.

For those of you looking for the standard P300, there are also some new color options available- Red, White and Black.

For new RGB gear, Phanteks has a new Digital controller. This controller allows you to hook up multiple LED strips and control them individually. You also have the option to sync the controller up with the motherboard, so those of you using Asus Aura or MSI Mystic Light will be able to easily achieve uniformity across your hardware.

There are new Halos Lux Digital fan frames too. These are built out of single-piece aluminum and can illuminate any fan you wish to put inside of it. So if you like your current fans and want to add a dash of color, you can make that happen with this.

Finally, we come to Phanteks' new watercooling launches. Starting off with the Glacier C350 ‘Acetal Edition' CPU block for both Intel and AMD. This block uses an Acetal top with a nickel plated copper base and cooling fins. While Phanteks is clearly jumping in on the RGB craze, this particular block is advertised as ‘RGB free', so what you see up top is what you'll get, with no built-in lighting.

Phanteks is also releasing a toolkit for PC builders, containing everything you'll need to build a custom watercooled rig. The screw drivers come with magnetic tips, so you won't lose screws so easily. Each tool also comes with an extendable shaft, so you can get into those more difficult areas to tighten things up.

KitGuru Says: Everything new that Phanteks brought to CES this year will be available in Q1, which is great news. If any of this catches your eye, you won't have to wait too long to get your hands on it.

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