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Computex 2018: Thermaltake introduces us to its new Level 20 chassis series and RGB accessories

At Computex yesterday we had the chance to catch up with Thermaltake and check out what they have coming up this year. To our surprise, we were greeted with a new Level 20 chassis, a new ‘View 91' chassis and a few other bits!

Andrzej caught up with Leo Wang, who spoke to us about the new cases. The new Level 20 chassis will be hitting the market in Q3, we saw a prototype of it last year, but the finished product is finally ready to be shown off properly. The new View 91 chassis will heavily appeal to RGB fans too, with new ‘Riing' fans, RGB RAM casings and new control software with voice command support.

We're currently expecting the ‘Level 20' series to hit in July or August. The flagship will be the Level 20 GT, which comes with big 200mm fans in the front and one 140mm one in the back. It has tempered glass panels on the sides and at the top so you can show off some RGB roof fans.

One of the big takeaways from the Level 20 GT is the vertical GPU mount. The chassis now comes with a modular vertical GPU mount with support for 2-way SLI, which as you can see in the video, looks fantastic.

There will be a Level 20 VT chassis also hitting the market, which is smaller. It comes in a Micro-ATX size with the internals divided into ‘upper chamber' and ‘lower chamber'. The upper chamber will be for your components and cooling, with the lower chamber housing the PSU and SSDs/HDDs. Thanks to the shape of this version, you can rotate the case and flip the front panel around, so you can divide the chamber from left-to-right or vice versa depending on personal preference.

Finally, the Level 20 XT is a nice middle ground between the GT and the VT. It is more of mid-tower design, but the internal structure is fully modular with the same upper and lower chamber design. The motherboard is mounted vertically, and you can make space in the bottom of the case to house a radiator for some extra cooling in a custom loop set up.

While at Thermaltake HQ, we also had the chance to check out the team's huge cooling testing chamber, which is used to test thermals for new cases, PSUs and coolers. For a standard test, components are tested at 26 degrees Celsius, and in extreme tests, this is boosted up to 50-60 degrees.

Finally, we also caught up with Alvin Kao, who ran us through the new TT RGB software, which works across a bunch of accessories. This includes new RGB RAM covers, Riing Trio fans and water cooling gear. These Riing Trio fans have three separate rings of RGB lighting in the fan, which you can individually control and with the TT RGB app, you can use voice commands to change effects.

KitGuru Says: Thermaltake had quite the lineup this year, with plenty of RGB to go around. The new Level 20 cases were the star of the show for me though, particularly the VT, which has me itching to build a water cooled mini PC.

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